Industrial Roof Lights

Roof lights are fast becoming the most popular type of lighting for individual and commercial spaces. This is because they are the best way to increase natural and artificial lighting in a space. Industrial roof lights are ideal for many industrial and commercial areas, including warehouses and shopping centres.


Keep reading to learn more about the different types of industrial lighting and your options.


Different types of industrial roof lights

Domel lights are a low-cost installation alternative and consist of small reflective tubes that help to increase light in smaller spaces. They’re ideal for areas that get little to no natural sunlight.


Flat Glass

Flat glass roof lights are ideal for flat roof systems. They come in various shapes and styles and are the best option for flooding more significant buildings with light. Plus, they have a more modern look too.



Walk-on lights are aesthetically pleasing and sturdy enough to walk on safely if you can do this. For darker spaces, they can be the best way to increase lighting.



Pyramid lights are the go-to options for creating a spotlight that will increase the look and feel of a space. If you are looking for a stylish option, the roof lights are built with thin steel beams and are double-glazed.



These lights are semicircular in shape and fit together to create a roof light capable of covering the whole roof if required. They come in various styles and shapes and are an excellent option for industrial and commercial uses.


Benefits of Industrial Roof Lights

Roof lights allow you to increase the natural light within any given space. Nature is beneficial in many ways. The more light you have, the better working conditions you are providing. Natural sunlight improves health and well-being, attention and focus in employees and reduces illness and stress levels. They can also be more energy efficient as they increase natural daylight and reduce your reliance on artificial sunlight, therefore reducing your usage and


How Long do Industrial Roof Lights Last?

Did you know industrial roof lights have a lifespan, and their efficiency can decrease during this time? Typically, industrial roof lights will last around 15 years; after this time, they can become more of a hazard than a useful lighting option. However, many modern roof lights come with a 25-year guarantee.


Once roof lights reach the end of their lifespan, they can become damaged and brittle, leading to many issues. The lights can also become discoloured, reducing their effectiveness and becoming a water ingress causing further interior and exterior damage.


Upgrading your ceiling lights can allow you to restore natural light to your building while reducing energy costs and ensuring your roof isn’t damaged due to old and broken roof lights.


Do Roof Lights Increase Ventilation?

Some styles of roof lights can increase ventilation inside the building; however, using industrial roof fans allows you to ensure that your employees get enough natural light and fresh air when working. Increased ventilation is beneficial for improving productivity and the comfort of the workers.


Industrial roof lights range a wide range of commercial and industrial industries. The range of options available means you can find a low-cost yet effective way to increase natural light within your space.