About us

About us

Hub Site Services Ltd are a committed Facilities Support Company that has a highly regarded reputation with our client’s, this is because we have a very friendly, ethical and professional approach and believe that success is about being authentic with all customers as we believe that relationships are the key to our success.

Hub Site Services Ltd offers a complete facilities management service, from property consultancy to day-to-day operations, every project benefits from our expertise, distinctive management approach and our consideration of the broader property implications for our clients: with Hub Site Services Ltd taking care of your facilities management needs, your company can focus on its core business.

A building that functions efficiently and effectively is a positive environment for occupants and a hard-working asset for owners. Our advice, technical and management support to building owners and operators is flexible and moulded to their evolving needs.

At Hub Site Services Ltd we understand the importance of peace of mind so therefore we carry out a fully detailed vetting process with all of our partners to adhere to all relevant industry standards.

What Makes Us Better?

Emergency Repairs

However, urgent the issue you’re facing with your systems we are on call and ready to assist.

Range of Services

Whether it be Servicing, repairs or maintenance we have a wide range of services that can support you and your building.

Seasoned Team

All of our pool of specialists have a long and established reputation in their relevant fields.

Reasonable pricing

Our prices make sense whether it be for day to day maintenance or emergency callouts and response we are your peace of mind.