Product Review: 185mm TCT Multi-Material Cutting Circular Saw With Track

Product Review: 185mm TCT Multi-Material Cutting Circular Saw With Track

The 185mm TCT Multi-Material Cutting Circular Saw with Track is the perfect saw for trade or DIY users. This is because of the powerful 1600 W motor and optimised gearbox combination. When you add this to the Evolution R185TCT-16CS blade – which is supplied! – you get circular saw that can cut a huge variety of materials, including:
● Mild steel
● Wood
● Copper
● Aluminium and more

This circular saw is supplied with 1020mm track, which gives you the chance to make perfectly straight cuts in long or sheet materials easily. Other tracks are compatible with this saw, and when cutting mild steel this saw will produce a ready to weld cut with no burrs or sparks. It’s so much more superior to other abrasive cutting methods, and the cut itself is adjustable in depth and degree. It’s capable and versatile, able to cut in any material.

Advanced Safety Features

The one thing that is clear about the 185mm TCT Multi-Material Cutting Circular Saw with Track is that safety is a priority: this is extremely important when we are working on our projects especially when health and safety is a key part of every project we do. You have the following safety features added:
● Channelled air flow
● Vacuum extraction ports to keep that cutting line visible as you go
● Electric blade brakes
● Blade guards with a 0.4 second close, reducing how exposed you are to the spinning saw.

We have used this tool when refurbishing offices, and when carrying out general maintenance including:
● Cutting through timber for partition walls and skitrting boards.
● Cutting metal ceiling grids to amend and install suspended ceilings.
● Door repairs including metal, steel, aluminum and even PVC cuttings.
● Plumbing works including pipework repairs and maintenance.
● Window frames alterations and installations.
● Installations of kitchen worktops.
● Installations of door frames and architraves.
● Cutting and altering metal cladding.
● Cutting and altering laminate/wood flooring.

This circular saw can be used for cutting steel or PVC pipework, too, during plumbing and gas repairs. With an accurate cut, you can save time on projects and utilise the multifunctional capabilities of the blade. You get an excellent power tool at a reasonable price that is also affordable, and the fact that it comes with a 3-year warranty is added value.

Accuracy, Reliability, Precision

This is a circular saw that is hard to ignore, especially given the levels of power and precision on offer. With the accuracy and reliability, you get with the circular saw, you can get the job done faster and smoother than ever. There is one saw, one blade that will cut through everything and you can get it all with one tool. The motor is hi-torque and the gearbox and blade system are optimised for the best possible cut. You’ll find that the ergonomic, soft-grip handles provide the best control, making your cut an accurate one! Precision is what you need for the perfect square cut, and the virtual pivot will keep the blade accurate and precise on any cutting line.

Worth Every Penny

If you are looking for a saw that can do what you need, is easy to set up and falls under the affordable part of your budget, then the 185mm TCT Multi-Material Cutting Circular Saw with Track is exactly what you need. There are stockists all around the country, so you don’t have to look very far to find one to purchase.